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What We Do

With a focus on Student-Centered Coaching, we provide schools, districts, and educational organizations with the tools and practices they need to ensure that coaching impacts teaching practice and student learning. Student-Centered Coaching introduces a new way of looking at and delivering school-based coaching that puts the needs of students’ front-and-center. By focusing coaching on specific goals for student learning, rather than on changing or fixing teachers, a coach can navigate directly towards a measurable impact and increased student achievement.  

What They Are Saying

  • You really inspired me to get moving.  I transferred from the classroom to coaching last year (2014) in late January.  For a semester I've been trying to help teachers with their classroom strategies.  It wasn't until this year that I realized that my job is still all about the students.  It's a no-brainer to some but for me it was a complete mind-shift.  I was told to assist teachers with their classroom strategies, etc. I feel like your training gave me a detailed road-map to succeed as a coach.  I was a very good teacher and I've felt like I wasn't making any difference in the classroom.  Thank you for all of your information.  Love the book.  I'm annotating the text just like we teach our students to do.
    Patty, Instructional Coach
  • As a new school, before opening our doors to students for the first time, we were looking for resources that would help us embed effective coaching structures into our program from day one. Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals provided us with both frameworks to discuss/consider and materials to assist with implementation. This book has been an invaluable resource to move us forward with a different vision of what coaching can be, and the impact it can have for individual students."
    Charter School Director, via Amazon.com
  • Diane has taken a commitment to instructional leadership and turned it into practical models and applications. She has a thorough grounding in the research, which she combines with extensive personal experience and a brass-tacks orientation toward helping teachers and administrators improve. Diane’s approach to leadership development is intellectually rigorous but also down to earth. You will gain from Diane both a deeper understanding and real tools for leadership and facilitation. She’s a delight to work with—a good listener, thoughtful, responsive, and reliable."
    Rob Stein, Assistant Superintendent & CAO, Roaring Fork School District (Colorado)
  • The impact of this partnership has been immeasurable. We now have a cadre of experienced teacher leaders and principals who understand not only how to implement best practices in literacy, but also are taking the step to influence their colleagues to implement these practices as well."
    Lara Drew, Executive Director, Teaching & Learning – Edmonds School District (Wash)
  • Superb! This work provided a flexible framework on structure for the role of a literacy coach. I have many ideas to reflect on and I plan to implement many changes in the fall."
    Literacy Coach, Chicago, IL
  • The information was presented in a meaningful way (lecture, reflection, sharing). All of the information was relevant. I will use it all! Diane’s organization, knowledge and experience was invaluable. I gained lots of ideas to continue our quest to improve classroom instruction to benefit all students."
    Principal, Chicago, IL