Getting to 60% (2 of 3)

(Read Part 1 Here) Coaching cycles are our best chance for creating authentic partnerships that increase student outcomes. In a coaching cycle, the teacher and coach are both in the mix, reflecting on their decision-making, problem solving, and figuring out how to adjust instruction in the moment. It is a dynamic process that weaves its … Read more

Tools for Starting the Year with Student-Centered Coaching

We wanted to share some tools that we hope you’ll find helpful for beginning your school year as a coach. In the first video, Diane introduces some of the basics of Student-Centered Coaching. In the second video, Leanna talks about what coaches should be doing early in the school year. [column col=”1/2″][/column] [column col=”1/2″][/column]   … Read more

Becoming Student-Centered

Laura Hilger is an Educational Specialist for the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition and a guest facilitator on our Global Forum for Student-Centered Coaching portal. When I was just starting out as a teacher, I remember thinking that MY classroom was going to be how I would change the world because you know, I could do it … Read more

A Rainbow in the Clouds

A couple of weeks ago, I was riding home from the airport after spending two days working with an amazing coaching team in Liberty, Missouri. As I looked out across the plains at the ominous gray sky I saw a giant rainbow. In Liberty just the morning before, we watched a clip of Maya Angelou, … Read more

First Graders Get Crafty

Dana Murphy is a literacy coach in Midlothian District 143 in Illinois, and is a member of the team at the blog titled Two Writing Teachers. For the past few years, I have worked with District 143 to create authentic writing experiences among their K-2 students. More recently we have been aligning our work with … Read more