Top 5 Tools for Student-Centered Coaching

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We often receive requests for the tools and templates that are featured in Student-Centered Coaching (Corwin, 2010) and Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level (Corwin, 2013). With so many coaches using Google Docs, we thought that we’d share a few links to our favorite tools and templates. Hopefully this will get the new school year started off right.

1) Results-Based Coaching Tool

This tool (link (updated 10/31/17)) is used to measure the impact of a coaching cycle. It is a big picture summary of the learning that occurred by the students and teacher. Here is a short video clip explaining how it’s used.

2) Managing Data Across a Coaching Cycle

This is a simplified version (link) of the Results-Based Coaching Tool. It is user-friendly and includes space for the teacher and coach to record their conversations across a coaching cycle.

3) Weekly Coaching Logs

These weekly coaching logs (link) support a coach and teacher through a coaching cycle. Each log is designed to ensure that we make an impact on both student learning and teaching practice.

4) Checklist for Getting Coaching Cycles Up and Running

This handy checklist (link) will get you started off on the right foot with both your principal and teachers. Use it to make sure that you are defining the coach’s role while also building towards coaching cycles.

5) Status of the Faculty

This tool (link) is used to monitor teacher engagement in coaching cycles. It is based on Flaherty’s Flow of Coaching and is a nice resource to use when planning with the principal.

As always, we recommend that you use these tools as a launching off point for your own coaching work. Our opinion is that if you make them your own, then they will only get better. Cheers and have a great start to the school year!