Data and Development Coaches are a Key Component of Delaware’s Plan for Race to the Top

Delaware’s winning Race-to-the-Top plan includes both data coaches and principal development coaches as components of their overall plan for increasing student achievement. This is exciting news for those of us who have been advocating for a data-driven approach to teacher development. It is also refreshing to hear that the important work of coaches is valued by the key decision-makers in education.

How this looks in Delaware will depend on the state’s vision and definition of coaching, as well as on the capacity of the state to recruit and develop a highly qualified team of coaches. That said…the inclusion of data and development coaches in their plan has the potential to frame coaching in a way that can truly make an impact on student learning.

Coaching is still on the front burner in the world of educational reform and let’s keep it there by continuing to set our sights on a data-driven approach that involves the school leader, teachers, and our students.

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