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For Principals + Coaches

    • Supporting school-based coaches to implement practices that make a direct impact on student learning
    • Using a variety of tools to measure the coach’s impact on student learning
    • Using student data across coaching and professional development work with teachers
    • Applying research-based practices for engaging adult learners
    • Designing varied professional development practices such as; large group professional development sessions, classroom-based observations, small group learning, and working with teachers one-on-one
    • Cultivating a culture of learning to promote teacher and student learning

For Teachers

    • Implementing research-based instruction in literacy across grades K-12
    • Developing standards-based curriculum and units of study in the area of literacy across grades K-12
    • Becoming a teacher leader
    • Facilitating small group learning among groups of peers

For District Leaders

  • Designing and implementing a model for student-centered coaching throughout a school district
  • Developing systems for the recruitment and retention of qualified school-based coaches
  • Evaluating the impact of coaching on student learning
  • Assessing your district culture and planning professional development that targets student needs

Join us for this two-day institute. Student-centered coaching puts student learning front-and-center. It is an evidence-based instructional coaching model that shifts the focus from 'fixing' teachers to collaborating with them to design instruction that targets student outcomes. This two-day institute will highlight a collection of coaching practices that impact student learning and teaching practice. It is recommended for K-12 instructional coaches in any area of specialization, principals, and district leaders. Whether you are new to student-centered coaching, or are currently implementing the model, this institute will provide you with new ideas, strategies, and networking opportunities.

Speakers include:

Student-Centered Coaching Institute