Race to the Top Round 2 Winners

Reposted from Education Week by guest blogger Sean Cavanagh

Here’s the final, confirmed list of winners. The department has also released the dollar amount each state is slated to receive, and their point score:

•District of Columbia: $75 million. Score: 450.0
•Florida: $700 million. Score: 452.4
•Georgia: $400 million. Score: 446.4
•Hawaii: $75 million. Score: 462.4
•Maryland: $250 million. Score: 450.0
•Massachusetts: $250 million. Score: 471.0
•New York: $700 million. Score: 464.8
•North Carolina: $400 million. Score: 441.6
•Ohio: $400 million. Score: 440.8
•Rhode Island: $75 million. Score: 451.2

The U.S. Department of Education confirmed the 10 winners of the second round of the Race to the Top competition late this morning as the news trickled out state by state from members of Congress, who were notified first.

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