Results and Respect: How can we do both?

My inbox is busy again—a sure indication that my colleagues are finding their way back to their desks from the beach or pool as summer winds to a close. As our tans fade and we get back to the serious business of teaching and learning, I’d like to welcome you.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can design coaching and professional development in a way that gets results but also respects and values the adults in our schools. We know how to do this from our work with kids. The more we honor and challenge them, the more we can get out of them. So let’s start the year thinking about what we know works with our students, like choice and ownership, and translate those concepts to what we do with teachers. Let’s do the hard work of setting norms and expectations on the front end of the school year so that teachers know what we expect of them. And let’s celebrate the learning that takes place.

As a coach, principal, or district leader, what practices do you use to design a learning community that is based on respect and results? Please share your thoughts.

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