NSDC/Learning Forward Annual Convention

Anyone heading to the NSDC/Learning Forward Annual Convention in Atlanta next week? If so, I’ll be there and would love to connect. Also, stay tuned for a post after all of the great learning I’ll be doing.For more about our work and student-centered coaching, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at diane@dianesweeney.com or www.dianesweeney.com. 

There’s a Book for That!

A friend and literacy coach in the Chicago area has just launched a terrific website to share books and how they can be used in the classroom. Teachers often ask me if I have a list of great books and now I am happy to say I do. I will tell them to check out … Read more

Interesting New Report on Formative Assessment

As states and districts attempt to more closely monitor student progress, some are warning that we are losing sight of the real purpose and definition of formative assessment. Read the Ed Week article: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2010/11/10/12assess.h30.html?tkn=TNTFgrGAAaTla7uAp2cnfPpuQpnZqTq%2BoFyD&cmp=clp-edweek. © Diane Sweeney, all rights reserved. For more about our work and student-centered coaching, please don’t hesitate to get in touch … Read more

The Role of the Teacher Leader

I’ve been thinking recently about the role of the teacher leader. With recent cutbacks in educational funding, some districts are seeking out leadership among the teachers in their schools and districts. As a proponent of creating school cultures that tap into the knowledge, skills, and passion of our educators, I think, “Hooray.” But at the … Read more

Race to the Top Round 2 Winners

Reposted from Education Week by guest blogger Sean Cavanagh Here’s the final, confirmed list of winners. The department has also released the dollar amount each state is slated to receive, and their point score: •District of Columbia: $75 million. Score: 450.0•Florida: $700 million. Score: 452.4•Georgia: $400 million. Score: 446.4•Hawaii: $75 million. Score: 462.4•Maryland: $250 million. … Read more