Death to Powerpoint? Not Yet

Researcher John Sweller, a specialist in cognitive load theory famously said, “The use of the PowerPoint presentation has been a disaster. It should be ditched.” In some respects, I agree. I agree that the way PowerPoint has been used—by me included—has failed to match what we know about brain research and learning. Long lists of … Read more

What is a Coaching Cycle?

Organizing coaching into cycles helps coaches create a structure for their time in a way that drills down to impact student learning. Coaching cycles have the following characteristics: One-On-One Coaching Cycles: One-on-one coaching cycles involve in-depth work with a teacher or pair of teachers, lasting approximately 6-9 weeks One-on-one coaching cycles include a weekly planning … Read more

Richard Allington Tackles RTI

As an expert in early reading, Richard Allington is a voice of reason when it comes to RTI and its potential to dramatically impact struggling readers. Please don’t miss this interview of Allington, featured in today’s EdWeek Update. It’s a must-read for all educators.

A Thought-Provoking Article on Teacher Quality

The following article was published in the NY Times Magazine this week. It is a thought-provoking review of the state of education and the connection to quality teaching. Very interesting. Learn more about Diane Sweeney and Spark Innovation by visiting

What’s Missing?

Awhile back I spent time with a dynamic group of literacy coaches in medium-sized district that I have worked with for almost two years. This is a group that is committed to implementing Student-Centered Coaching and that has the necessary interpersonal skills and vision to put these practices in place. Yet there are a handful … Read more