Tools for Starting the Year with Student-Centered Coaching

We wanted to share some tools that we hope you’ll find helpful for beginning your school year as a coach. In the first video, Diane introduces some of the basics of Student-Centered Coaching. In the second video, Leanna talks about what coaches should be doing early in the school year.

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Here is a short blog post about getting Student-Centered Coaching started in your school or district.

In this blog post, you’ll find a study guide to support the processes and tools that are focused on throughout Diane’s K-8 Student-Centered Coaching book.

Here are two other blog posts that many have found helpful over the past year: The Seven Norms of Collaborative Work; and, Four Strategies for Co-Teaching.

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Thank you and have a great year!

3 thoughts on “Tools for Starting the Year with Student-Centered Coaching”

  1. Great videos. That you ladies! I appreciated Diane’s video, which gave me a really good overview and and helpful reminders of the great training days I had with Leanna at the end of last school year. Leanna’s video helped me validate what I’ve been doing over these first few days of school as well! Being new to coaching, I need that.

  2. I enjoyed viewing these videos. There are many great ideas and reminders to get the school year started in such a positive way. I plan to send this link to the instructional coaches and administrators in our district. Thanks so much!

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